She Makes Her Own Luck: Joe Pruett and Brian Stelfreeze’s Domino Turns 18

Image Credit: Marvel Unlimited.

2003’s Domino series is NuMarvel done right.

Fans of Gail Simone’s Domino ongoing series who are newer to comics may be surprised to know that it wasn’t the first solo title to star the luck changing Neena…

Image Credit: Marvel Unlimited.

I still can’t believe it. 20 years? But… it’s new.

At least, it’ll always feel new in my mind. Yet last Sunday, May 16, 2021, truly did mark the 20th anniversary of New X-Men, Grant Morrison’s daring, invigorating, controversial, beloved, divisive and exalted run. …

Source: Marvel Unlimited

A warm hello from New X-Men At 20, the blog that aims to look back at every major X-Men related series released during Grant Morrison’s run on the series from 2001 to 2004, including, of course, New X-Men itself. …

New X-Men At 20

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